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Lotus Guide Spring Edition 

Water Protector Tour 2020

“Organize, Strategize and Actualize”

The Water Protector Tour 2020 is a year long series of events from Mount Shasta to the Bay area, and is focused on water safety and security in the Sacramento River watershed basin. The events range from smaller public forums and community roundtables to large festivals. These events will consist of speakers, hands on workshops, films and live music. The majority of these events will be live streamed on our website and Facebook page at www.waterprotectortour.org

The Water Protector Tour is a grass roots movement comprised of a coalition of individuals, organizations, members of indigenous communities and decision makers on a local and regional level. All of these people are and have been committed to protecting the health and security of our water. This includes the following counties of Siskiyou, Shasta, Plumas, Butte, Nevada, Placer, Sacramento (including the Delta) and the East Bay.

One of the important and most relevant aspects of the tour is that we are identifying a dozen issues that affect our water resources and are providing practical and non-political solutions that anyone can implement. These issues range from environmental toxins like body care products, and household cleaners to hazardous landscaping practices and outdated herbicide usage and pest control. We will also be looking at issues like privatization and mismanagement and the effects of climate change, whether it be natural cycles or human made. This year alone, there is a large decline in the Sierra snow pack which will profoundly affect the majority of California and it’s access to clean water in general.

The tour is scheduled to begin on Sunday, March 15th at the oldest wildlife preserve in California at the gardens of Lake Merritt in Oakland, CA. This particular event’s focus is on environmental toxins and their relationship to water, and the resulting impact on pollinators, who provide us with our food security. We also will look at the importance of how to test our drinking water and how to become more aware of the health risks hiding within the water. We will also prescribe specific filtration technologies for the specific contaminants detected.

The next event is the ‘Dance for Water’ on spring equinox Saturday, March 21 in Nevada City which will be a fundraiser, featuring DJs and live music. This will be followed by Sunday, March 22nd, when we will be honoring the United Nations World Water Day. The focus will be on the spiritual and cultural aspects of water. We will be inviting others globally to join in at 3pm in unity and solidarity for a worldwide prayer and synchronized dance. This is a universal “Dance for Water”, raising the mass consciousness and connectedness world wide about clean water and its essential nature for life on earth. As we know water contains a consciousness and a frequency that responds to our thoughts and energy body. This was discovered by Dr. Emoto years ago after many scientific research projects. We also know that are bodies are over 60% water. This event will be from noon until 6pm at the Nevada County Resilience and Innovation center located at 104 New Mohawk Rd. in Nevada City, CA.

Other large events will be WaterPalooza in the Sacramento River Delta on the 27th of June, Earthstock in Pioneer Park, Nevada City on August 15th & 16th and Water Protector Festival in Mt Shasta City Park on the 26th of September. All of these events will feature speakers, hands on workshops and live music ranging from Native to Folk and electronic dance. All of these events will be live streamed.

In addition, we will be doing many radio interviews throughout the region and publishing articles in several magazines and newspapers. The coalition will also be publishing a quarterly Water Protector Magazine to launch in the Spring of 2020.

This is a non-hierarchical grassroots movement. There is no one person or organization who is being paid or glorified to do this work. Be the change you want to see in the world, stand up and become an active part of creating a new, healthy and sustainable paradigm in our region and on planet earth.

Please feel free to contact us for advisor-ship and consultants around your water related issues and concerns. Everything from water testing and filters to groundwater regeneration and Permaculture and agricultural solutions. We also appreciate any donations and support you can offer in allowing us to be advocates for all of us and our children.

Please check out the website for full tour schedule, event information and more general information.

The Water Protector Tour is produced by Golden Road productions in collaboration with the Alliance for Resilient Communities

www.goldenRoadProductions.com www.waterprotectortour.org 530-362-8264

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