Michael DiMartino

Michael’s Linkedin
Michael DiMartino has been producing events for 30 years. These events range from small cultural arts related events to large international festivals including Mexico, Brazil, Egypt and Morocco. He also founded Global Rhythms, a world music radio show that lasted for 3 years in the 1990’s and GAIA-Vision, a TV show dedicated to performing, visual and healing arts that ran in 12 cities in New England for over 4 years. Michael also worked for the Robert Frost library in Amherst Massachusetts as a media assistant and over the last 30 years he has also produced two full length musicals and over 20 different Cd’s for various musical talent. Mr. DiMartino also founded World Beat Ensemble an educational program that has presented in over a hundred different schools, institutions and venues. In the past he has worked for the Massachusetts five college system doing music related support for the dance department.


Bob Saunders

Bob Saunders is an activist, organizer and planner who has been involved with many civil rights, social justice and human rights causes, including Occupy Sacramento, Crunch Nestle’ Alliance, The Anti-Monsanto Project, the Anti-Police Brutality Movement, the Family Rights/Children’s Rights Movement, the Court Reform movement, Reforming Children’s Protective Services (CPS) Movement, the Homeless Rights movement, among others.  He works with the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) and volunteers as a Legal Observer and on the Board of several different organizations. Additionally, Bob has a background in the non-profit industry working as a fundraiser, campaign organizer and manager, event manager, and as a communications manager.   He has many years of experience in event organization, planning and management, team building and team leading, logistics, lobbying, public relations, writing press releases, conducting media interviews, and writing and research.  Bob strongly believes in and practices the theory of, “Chop Wood, Carry Water.”


Tess Athena

Tess Athena has been involved in activism for the past 6 years, including working for Greenpeace for 4 years, as a volunteer, activist, fundraiser as well as working in the office. She was also involved with several grassroots organizations such as Rising Up, Reclaim the Power among many. She has now launched her own project Gaia Warriors, which aims to raise the vibration of the planet and all beings that inhabit her, by spreading light and emanating love with compassion, justice, truth and positive change through uplifting videos, activism and music. She is also a Shamanic Trance Dance Facilitator and Sound Healing Therapist, where she performs workshops around the world. She believes in the synergy of spirituality and activism, making it a sacred act that can positively impact the world.




Tora Rocha

Tora Rocha is visionary with decades of experience organizing environmental-focused programs. She is the founder of Pollinator Posse, an organization “to create pollinator habitat throughout the Urban Jungle” through outreach and education about the plight of our local pollinators. The Posse is a nonprofit volunteer organization devoted to building a habit corridor for diverse pollinators and other beneficial insects from the shores of San Francisco Bay into the East Bay Hills. In addition, she has created Tees for Bees- a Pollinator Posse program in which kids can hit pollinator-friendly seed balls at golf courses, which help make the courses more habitable for beneficial insects.  Tora also is the founder of Autumn Lights Festival (ALF), a magical festival of illuminated art by acclaimed Bay Area artists, in support of the non-profit Friends of the Gardens at Lake Merritt. 



Rachel Linden
Rachel’s Linkedin
Rachel Linden is the Executive Director of the non-profit, Green Lifestyles Network (GLN). Green Lifestyles Network connects people around the world through stories of sustainable living. A peace-based media organization, GLN focuses on advocacy and opportunities for individuals, businesses, corporations and NGOs to become part of greener solutions via media that inspires, educates, and challenges people to take action in their lives and in the world around them. In addition, Rachel is an organic micro farmer, amateur herbalist, community advocate and extreme salad wizard. She believes in the capacity of unity for good, that knowledge is power and in nature’s ability to heal. She appreciates warm weather, good food, clever humor and a well-designed shoe. She likes pretty things, nice words, under dogs and grand ventures. Her hope is in the conductivity of kindness and the resilience of the planet. She offers a collaborative approach for the many harmonious manifestations of peace, happiness and health.


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