Throughout the Water Protector Tour there will be diverse music and performance as a way to celebrate our work and regenerate ourselves.

World Beatnix 

Original music dance band. Get ready to move and celebrate with a unique blend of musical styles– from Afro-beat to Egyptian to the Cajun Bayou. Have fun while dancing and appreciating the rhythms of the world. Instruments include percussion, drums, bass, guitar, keys, flute and saxophone. The highly dance-able, spiritual amalgamation materializes from a hypnotic symbiosis of percussive rhythms, bass vibrations and melodies carried on the winds of guitar, keys, sax, and flute.



Brotherly Mud

Hailed as the ‘best up-and-coming Americana band in the Sacramento region’, the Sierra Nevada’s own Brotherly Mud is as if the 60’s and 70’s folk tradition continued into the modern day, taking influence from today’s songwriters while respecting yesterday’s honesty. With formally trained musicians from the Berklee College of Music and the Musician’s Institute, Brotherly Mud’s sound relies on both the human spirit and intellect to convey their message to those who listen.



Mignon Geli

Mignon Geli was born in San Francisco, of Waray, Ilongo, Spanish and Maya ancestry. For the past 18 years has been living in the California sierra foothills by the town of Coloma and the south fork of the American River, in Nisenan-Maidu country. She taught herself to play the Native American style wood flute after her son gifted her with one 13 years ago. Besides composing her own music, she can flute along in many genres from traditional to contemporary Native American (north and south), as well as soul, folk, rock, jazz, funk, blues, etc. Her musicality was influenced by her older brothers who were multi-instrumentalists, singers and songwriters, and many others. When not playing solo flute or drum, she often collaborates with like-minded musicians at festivals, events and gatherings. She is also a radio broadcaster on KFOK Community Radio in Georgetown hosting “Indigenous Soul” since 2007.





Angelika is an internationally renowned composer and recording artist, originally from Germany. Her music is about bringing healing frequencies and the energies of the angelic realms through her inspiring compositions, soothing voice and instruments to lead us gently into a deeper state of peace, well being and connection with our own true nature. Angelika also designs custom soul portraits and soul movies as tools for healing and shifting the programs in our sub-conscious mind.



Billy Bensing

Billy began playing guitar at ten. His first paid gig was in France, as a teenager. Though he was born in the U.S., he did a bit of world traveling thanks to his adventurous mother, Noelle. Teaming up with singer/songwriter, Brian Lambert, he worked his trade for several years in the Los Angeles area. Taking the advice of his friend Christopher Taylor, he visited the Gold Country of Northern California. Ready to leave the big city anyway, Bensing instantly made plans to relocate to the beautiful foothills of Grass Valley. He has been there ever since, working full-time as a performer and guitar instructor.



Erika “Eah” Herren is a passionate composer and performer. She is also an active recording artist and music teacher. Her primary focus is the Celtic folk harp, though she also sings, while playing the piano and guitar. She has been performing since 1997, at a wide range of events, both solo and in various groups. Eah’s music spans across many genres, from classical to soulful jazz, funk to global-folk-fusion. She especially revels in taking her audience on a journey of epic-landscape-rock, with her band Amerus. Eah is based in Northern California. Being a dual-citizen of Sweden, she has lived abroad for many years. Her music is greatly inspired by her travels. She loves to sing in Swedish, while sharing the rich musical heritage of her mother’s homeland. To enjoy a taste of Eah’s music, visit




Joa DolphinPlay

Joa DolphinPlay has been DJ-ing dances since 1977, is grounded in 5 Rhythms, Ecstatic Dance, and what whatever feels most alive and moving today. His style is smooth, spiritual, earthy, wild and rhythmic. Ecstatic Dance to Joa is surrendering the mind to the heart of one’s soul movement. When we can breathe and move freely, we become the prime movers and shakers of our society. Joa is Joa Janakoayas, President of the University of Mount Shasta and Co-creator of the upcoming Mount Shasta 2020 World Harmony Convergence.  He can be reached at 530-925-6770 or

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