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Sacramento River Watershed:
The Sacramento River Watershed includes 21 counties in California, which are divided into 6 subregions. 

The Northeast Subregion includes the Upper Sacramento River, McCloud River, and Pit River Watersheds. 

The Eastside Subregion includes Stillwater-Churn, Cow Creek, Bear Creek, Battle Creek, Paynes-Antelope, Mill Creek, Deer Creek, Big Chico Creek, and Butte Creek Watersheds. 

Sacramento Valley:
The Sacramento River Valley Subregion includes the Sacramento Valley area. 

The Westside Subregion includes Clear Creek, Cotton Creek, Tehama West, Stony Creek, Cache Creek, and Putah Creek Watersheds. 

Feather River:
The Feather River Subregion includes Upper and Lower Feather River Watersheds.  

American River:
The American River Subregion includes Bear River, Lower and Upper American River, and Yuba River Watersheds. 

For more information, visit: Sacramento River Watershed Program

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