Les Hall, Maidu Summit Consortium






Whiterabbit is one of the many Water Protectors whose life was changed after “making a stand” at Standing Rock. After walking a path; he then realized why his why his name is Whiterabbit! He’s voicing for his sisters who go missing (#MMIW) to bring awareness, and more. “The time to act is NOW”… (we’re alone on the government side)… it is time for Mother Earth to heal.





Jose Ajpu Federico Munoz is a Day Keeper of the Mayan Calendar for the Maya Chorti, quiche, Mam and Kakchiquel people.  Additionally, Jose is the carrier of the spoken word of Mayan History from the years of 1444 to 1529 for which he works in what he calls the Northern Territories which range from Guatemala to the west of Alaska and to the East of Montreal.



In 1994 Reinette Senum would become the first woman to cross Alaska alone. It would be during this isolated winter solo trek, filmed by Reinette for National Geographic, that she would learn, of all things, the power of community. Ultimately, lessons learned along the trail would become the catalyst for Reinette’s community work later in life.For the last dozen years Reinette’s focus has been on building her hometown, Nevada City, California, as a more resilient community through creative and unconventional means.  Through risk assessment, public outreach, and a daily hands-on approach, Reinette has been on the forefront of curating Nevada City towards a more sustainable and connected future.


Heidi Hall has over 25 years of experience as an environmental professional with the Federal and State governments, including with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), overseeing work in water and resource management, among other areas. During her tenure at the EPA, her unit oversaw programs in four states including 122 tribes, resulting in funding for programs in multiple states and counties. She has worked with government leaders at all levels from both the scientific and policy communities to help find solutions to pressing policy issues



Dr. Elizabeth Dougherty
is committed to mitigating unsustainable demands on California’s watersheds, improving their health through engaged and directed education. She’s passionate to the nth degree about providing out-of-the-box approaches to falling in love with riparian zones. As a Ph.D. anthropologist, she believes that using art and science events as educational tools creates strong emotional connections between water users and their watershed, establishing sustained water-wise practices. Dougherty excels at bringing varied stakeholders together to forge and accomplish a common vision. As director of Wholly H2O, Elizabeth has administered and managed a similar nonprofit/artist partnership grant from the Creative Work Fund, developing the schedule, work plan and events in coordination with the artist, as well as distribution of 3/4 of the funds to the artist. As a sculptural and installation artist represented at, Dougherty frequently takes water as her primary 4.5 billion-year-old recycled material.


Dr. Kevin Danaher
is a Co-Founder of Global Exchange, FairTradeUSA, the Green Festivals, the Environmental Service Learning Initiative, and the Green Guardians. He has played a major role in Global Exchange’s 30-year record of merging social enterprise with human rights activism. His 1983 PhD in sociology from the University of California at Santa Cruz was based on his dissertation, The Political Economy of U.S. Policy Toward South Africa, which allowed him to synergize his academic work and his international activism in the anti-apartheid movement. He has travelled widely in Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, China, Europe and most U.S. states. He is the author or editor of 13 books on the global political-economy, including his two latest“The Green Festival Reader: Fresh Ideas from Agents of Change”; and “Building the Green Economy: Success Stories from the Grass Roots”. He has appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows, and he has spoken at colleges and community organizations in 47 states and many foreign countries. Described by The New York Times as the “Paul Revere of globalization’s woes,” Dr. Danaher’s analytical expertise, sense of humor and blunt eloquence make him an exceptionally dynamic speaker.


Tora Rocha
 is visionary with decades of experience organizing environmental-focused programs. She is the founder of Pollinator Posse, an organization “to create pollinator habitat throughout the Urban Jungle” through outreach and education about the plight of our local pollinators. The Posse is a nonprofit volunteer organization devoted to building a habit corridor for diverse pollinators and other beneficial insects from the shores of San Francisco Bay into the East Bay Hills. In addition, she has created Tees for Bees- a Pollinator Posse program in which kids can hit pollinator-friendly seed balls at golf courses, which help make the courses more habitable for beneficial insects.  Tora also is the founder of Autumn Lights Festival (ALF), a magical festival of illuminated art by acclaimed Bay Area artists, in support of the non-profit Friends of the Gardens at Lake Merritt.  




Michael Collins
is the Co-founder and CTO of Everflux Technologies. In the 1990s, Michael moved to Valley Ford in Sonoma County, with a vision to start an organic farm. Nearly two decades later, he had succeeded in growing 215 types of fruits, vegetables and grains on just 45 acres, and was producing high yields with low input costs, allowing him to compete in a countryside that was quickly being overtaken by vineyards. The key to his success was a fermented plant juice made from organic waste materials, whose recipe he’d refined over 15 years to the point where, once it was applied to his crops, he barely had to do anything else. His produce was so good that he became one of a few farms to supply world-famous chef Alice Waters of Chez Panisse. He was also the first farmer for Amy’s Kitchen.



Michael DiMartino has been producing events for 30 years. These events range from small cultural arts related events to large international festivals including Mexico, Brazil, Egypt and Morocco. He also founded Global Rhythms, a world music radio show that lasted for 3 years in the 1990’s and GAIA-Vision, a TV show dedicated to performing, visual and healing arts that ran in 12 cities in New England for over 4 years. Michael also worked for the Robert Frost library in Amherst Massachusetts as a media assistant and over the last 30 years he has also produced two full length musicals and over 20 different Cd’s for various musical talent. Mr. DiMartino also founded World Beat Ensemble an educational program that has presented in over a hundred different schools, institutions and venues. In the past he has worked for the Massachusetts five college system doing music related support for the dance department.


Rachel Linden is the Executive Director of the non-profit, Green Lifestyles Network (GLN). Green Lifestyles Network connects people around the world through stories of sustainable living. A peace-based media organization, GLN focuses on advocacy and opportunities for individuals, businesses, corporations and NGOs to become part of greener solutions via media that inspires, educates, and challenges people to take action in their lives and in the world around them. In addition, Rachel is an organic micro farmer, amateur herbalist, community advocate and extreme salad wizard. She believes in the capacity of unity for good, that knowledge is power and in nature’s ability to heal. She appreciates warm weather, good food, clever humor and a well-designed shoe. She likes pretty things, nice words, under dogs and grand ventures. Her hope is in the conductivity of kindness and the resilience of the planet. She offers a collaborative approach for the many harmonious manifestations of peace, happiness and health.


Rahasya Poe is the Author of two books, the latest one is To Believe Or Not To Believe: The Social & Neurological Consequences of Belief Systems. Rahasya and his wife Dhara publish the Lotus Guide Magazine here in Northern CA geared towards alternative health & lifestyles. Rahasya has his column, “Rahasya Uncensored” in which he covers a multitude of subjects that profoundly threaten our way of living and health. Rahasya also has a radio show called Spiritual Activist on where he has interviewed everyone from CIA whistleblowers and UFO researchers to people on the frontline speaking out about the direction we are headed in this country and our world. Rahasya has been a guest on the Coast to Coast radio show along with many other guest spots talking about our place and responsibility in the world.


Stacy Ruehl
 has over twenty years of cultivation experience, from commercial vegetable & flower nursery to large warehouse cannabis grows.  Enhancing her knowledge & expertise she has become a UC Master Gardener and a Certified Permaculture Designer.  Fueled by her passion for regenerative agriculture, helping, teaching, and continuous improvement Stacy started Fleurish Advisors, a permaculture consulting company that specializes in edible landscaping & cannabis cultivation.



David Howland
loves our planet and has moved his scientific and communication skills into offering what we can easily do to protect health and bring game to activism with facts and information. Let us make all questions and answers really easy to understand so this information can make a positive difference. What is in our water? How does it get in our water? What toxins does public water treatment reduce and what does it NOT reduce in our water? What toxins does water treatment add to our water and WHY? What does water testing tell us and what does it cost? Is all water testing from all advertisers equally appropriate? What are the alternative water treatment concepts and why are they not considered by water purveyors? How do we select suitable water filtration and what may we purchase that meets the highest standards?


Bob Saunders is an activist, organizer and planner who has been involved with many civil rights, social justice and human rights causes, including Occupy Sacramento, Crunch Nestle’ Alliance, The Anti-Monsanto Project, the Anti-Police Brutality Movement, the Family Rights/Children’s Rights Movement, the Court Reform movement, Reforming Children’s Protective Services (CPS) Movement, the Homeless Rights movement, among others.  He works with the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) and volunteers as a Legal Observer and on the Board of several different organizations. Additionally, Bob has a background in the non-profit industry working as a fundraiser, campaign organizer and manager, event manager, and as a communications manager.   He has many years of experience in event organization, planning and management, team building and team leading, logistics, lobbying, public relations, writing press releases, conducting media interviews, and writing and research.  Bob strongly believes in and practices the theory of, “Chop Wood, Carry Water.”


Pablo Loayza, Natural Living Design, is the developer of the, a Director of the Natural Living Design & Build team, and the Founder of the Natural Living School.  Coming from a background in construction and finance, he was motivated to find a way to bring natural building into the main stream.  He believed that if people knew how unhealthy their dwellings were and knew that natural building to code was a possibility, that people would choose natural building over conventional construction.  His building systems are based on two main principles.  One, use what is available in the area where the building is constructed.  Two, build it in the way that uses the least amount of resources and produces the least amount of waste.  Working with the county and engineers, his building systems are easy to construct, and use a lot of the same building techniques as conventional building, to help lower cost and speed up the building process.



Kyle Leach is a California Professional Geologist with 25 years of experience in the environmental sciences and geology fields. For the past 17 years, he has worked in the Sierra foothills region investigating and cleaning up abandoned gold mines. He has worked 12 years as a consultant with the local engineering firm, Holdrege and Kull, addressing mines on private property. For the past 5 years he has worked with Sierra Streams Institute and other local non-profits managing grant-funded projects cleaning up abandoned mines on public property.




Anna Swensen is the Community Outreach Coordinator for projects in Northern California. She actively engages communities in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, helping them work with agencies to create policy and infrastructure that assist farmers and maintain the heritage of farming in the Delta. Anna’s collaborative approach with community members on groundwater, freshwater and irrigation issues supports conservation and preservation of the California Delta. Prior to joining The Freshwater Trust, Anna was involved with many community organizations regarding water and public policy. Her leadership in the North Delta as a community organizer has focused on agricultural water resources. Anna is a graduate of the Delta Protection Commission’s Delta Leadership Program.


Zeno Levy is interested in almost every aspect of wetland science. He started off on this path as an undergraduate intern moving wrack around a salt marsh restoration in Jamaica Bay, NYC. His fascination with wetlands has evolved since then. Zeno’s specialties are basic wetland hydrology and biogeochemistry, but I am also interested in stormwater and wastewater management applications.




Angelina Cook is a Watershed Advocate working to accelerate restoration of Mount Shasta’s volcanic ecosystems. She is also a climate Program Coordinator at Mount Shasta Bioregional Ecology Center, a Campaign Director at McCloud Watershed Council, a former Instructor at College of the Siskiyous. She studied Climate Change and Renewable Energy at Monterey Institute of International Studies.



Vicki Goldhas resided in Mount Shasta since 1995. She holds a B.A. in Political Science from UCLA. She was a long time  Board Member of the Mount Shasta Bioregional Ecology Center.  She is a member of Water for Citizens of Weed CA and also Weed Area Water Alliance (WAWA).  





Bob Hall is a forty-nine  year Weed resident, homeowner, past Mayor, 2 past terms as past City  Councilman and current City Councilman and 2014 Citizen of the Year.




Lewis Elbinger is a career diplomat and Mount Shasta resident, and was a Green Party candidate for the 1st District US Congressional seat. He promoted Eco-tourism incentives and protecting our food and water supplies and believes in building bridges between left and right. He is a multidimensional author, poet, musician and yogi whose primary interest is the consciousness of the human race. Experienced world traveler who sees the world whole. Lifelong learner who values wisdom over cleverness. Linguist who can greet friends in Russian, Arabic, Turkish, Chinese, French, German, Hindi and, most importantly, the language of the heart. A spokesperson for the Woodstock generation.





Barbara Daly has lived in the Delta since 1991. She began attending North Delta CARES meetings held at the Clarksburg Community Church in 2009 and started organizing North Delta CARES meetings in 2013. As an important addition to North Delta CARES meetings, she has had representatives of various water solution alternatives outside of the CA WaterFix.



Jim Brobeck is a water policy analyst with AquAllinace, which seeks to defend northern California waters and to challenge threats to the hydrologic health of the northern Sacramento River watershed.





Shelly Covert is a Tribal Spokesperson for the Nevada City Rancheria and Executive Director of the California Heritage: Indigenous Research Project (CHIRP). She hopes to educate, inspire, call-to-action, authenticate and even investigate local Native culture here in the Sierra Nevada Foothills. She teaches the history of the Nisenan Tribe of the Nevada City Rancheria and the history of the Gold Rush from their perspective. My teachings will also help to showcase the cultural diversity of the Nisenan people and that of their neighboring Tribes.



Marge Grow is an activist for the indigenous community, and an active member of the White Buffalo Council, Medicinal Anarchy Gardens Inspiring Communities, the Standing Rock Indian Reservation as well as Justice for Mission Murdered Indigenous Women. 




Meders Knight - permacultureAli Meders-Knight is a Mechoopda Tribal Member of Chico California. She is a traditional basketweaver that has worked many years teaching in various programs instructing about Traditional Ecological Knowledge and traditional land restoration practices. Serving as a community artist, Ali also creates murals and other arts promoting and interrupting Indigenous earth relations and activism.



Native Roots Network serves as a hub for community members to come together to build a better world. Through their work with youth leadership development, cultural exchanges, traditional and contemporary Native arts, ceremonial run delegations and community wellness projects they help their community maximize and multiply their efforts and impacts.



Austin Bennett is running for State Senate in California’s 6th district. His vision is to restore, strengthen, reform, protect and bring about change so that there will be a better future for California families. He wishes to restore the government to the people of California and confront those who have failed in their duty by duplicity.





Debra Lucero is on the Butte Board of Supervisors and has been involved for nearly two decades in economic development centered around community media, arts, culture, heritage, tourism and agriculture. She believes economic and community development should be built around local assets and people.





Barbara Wagner is the Mayor of Mt Shasta. She was recently recently reappointed for a second term as City Planning Commissioner, and has years of experience with City Government. She has also served for several years as a Board Member of the Friends of the Mt.Shasta Library, and was recently appointed to the Library Tax Advisory Committee. 





Wholly H2O catalyzes dynamic, informed connections between people and their watersheds that yield proactive and appropriate water management through conservation and reuse. Their watershed-positive educational programs engage Californians in community and citizen science, art, and green infrastructure education.





Cathe’ Fish is passionate about Permaculture. She has been working as an experienced drylands Permaculture Designer and Consultant since 1987. She has designed ranches, 40 acre farms to small suburban plots and apartments. Cathe’ has taught hundreds of sustainable living classes and workshops. She has been an inspiring pioneer in permaculture education in the US and internationally and is a sought out instructor.




Dan Bacher is the long-time editor of the Fish Sniffer magazine, published by Northern California Angler Publications. His articles on fisheries, water, regulatory capture, and environmental justice have been published in an array of publications, including the East Bay Express, Appeal Democrat, Sacramento News & Review, Sacramento Bee, Native California News,,, Counterpunch and others. Bacher is a member of the Freelancers Guild of the Pacific Media Workers Guild, Communications Workers of America (CWA) AFL-CIO, Local 39521. He serves on the Advisory Board of the Save the American Association and is a board member of He was inducted into the California Outdoors Hall of Fame in January 2015.



California Native Plant Society has been a leading voice in plant science and native plant appreciation, making it one of the foremost native plant organizations in the world. We are a 501(c) 3 non-profit dedicated to conserving California native plants and their natural habitats, while increasing the understanding, enjoyment, and horticultural use of native plants. They work closely with decision-makers, scientists, and local planners to advocate for well-informed and environmental friendly policies, regulations, and land management practices.



Sierra Watch are a non profit that started the campaign to Save Martis Valley, by building a team of planning experts, recruited a core of committed donors, and achieved what was then considered impossible: turning back “inevitable” development proposals. They went on to do the same with a few other locations that were being threatened with development such as the Donner Summit, Bear River and Dyer Mountain.




Tom Moores has worked as an advocate for land conservation in California for eighteen years. Before joining the staff of Sierra Watch in 2001, Tom worked as Field Director for Greenbelt Alliance in the San Francisco Bay Area and as Assistant Executive Director of the League to Save Lake Tahoe. Tom is also a graduate of the Green Corps Field School for Environmental Organizing and the University of California, Los Angeles. He lives happily ever after with his growing family in historic Nevada City.




Water4Life Global is a nonprofit based in San Diego, devoted to finding solutions for our current global water crisis. Clean water is a basic human right, and we aim to bring the community together to help provide for those who don’t have access to clean water. How we accomplish this mission is through these simple steps:

  • raising funds to purchase water filter technology
  • Deliver filters through their travel with a purpose program
  • Educate villagers and travelers on the importance of water and sanitation, as well as how to properly use the filter technology


Nikki Appleton is from Southern California and has called Ocean Beach home for almost 7 years. She earned her B.S. in Environmental Science from SDSU and has had a lifelong passion for helping Mother Earth. She has always had appreciation for water whether it be through swimming, scuba diving, river water assessments and more! After traveling AUS and NZ in school, she fell in love with exploring what the world has to offer outside of our immediate bubble. She spent a couple of months doing wildlife research and building a bio-garden for the communities in the Amazon Rainforest of Peru. After returning, she teamed up with her soul-sisters and is ready to spread awareness about our water movement and to share clean water with people around the world.




Jenna MacEwen recently obtained her B.S in Business Management from Westfield State University. In 2015 she relocated to San Diego, where in her free time she focused on planning a backpack trip overseas. During her travels she developed a deep passion for helping others through non-profit work while intimately learning about different communities and cultures. When she’s not traveling, Jenna enjoys yoga, spending time at the beach, and planning her next outdoor adventure.





Isabel Friend teaches workshops, write articles, post videos, guestspot podcasts, facilitate ceremonies and host retreats about water. Over the years she has become a public speaker, certified nutritionist, Mystic dance and Integral yoga teacher and Reiki master with a passion for understanding the power of earth-based living and 5 element integration. She has also trained extensively in aromatherapy and herbalism. With 10 years of experience in the field of health, her wellness philosophy centers around the idea that the closer we come to nature, the healthier and more human we become. Contrastly, when we stray from these foundational laws of life, we become ill and feel disconnected from our Source. She’s passionate about bringing modern scientific understanding together with ancient ancestral wisdom in a way that grounds primal living strategies into our 21st century lifestyles. She’s taught about Water throughout the US, Canada, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Thailand.

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