If you share our values to protect the Sacramento River Watershed, please join our Water Protector Tour coalition (WPTC) with the aim of creating an alliance for collective action. The WTPC is comprised of individuals, non-governmental and governmental organizations, indigenous communities, and others dedicated to:

  • To preserve the safety and security of water in the Sacramento River Watershed;
  • To educate communities about water related concerns, including environmental          toxins, mismanagement, and privatization;
  • To regenerate the regional environment and water table through practices like pollinator gardens and citizen-science water testing.

There are many ways to participate:

Solidarity: Add the name of your organization to our list of coalition members and we will promote your water related work and events through our website, social media, and the weekly radio and TV promotions and press releases in exchange for the same.

Advisor: We welcome your expertise and contribution in moving forward.

Participate: We invite you to participate in one of the events over the next year via speaking about your regional issues or offering a workshop.

For more information, please visit
You may contact us at: waterprotectortour@gmail.comor (530) 362-8264.

We look forward to your participation and contribution in the Water Protector Tour of the Sacramento River Watershed.

Many thanks!
Michael DiMartino, Organizer

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