Abundant Land: Soil, Seeds, and Sovereignty
Directed by: Natasha Florentino (2017, 60 minutes)
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ABUNDANT LAND is a documentary about a Hawaiian community on Moloka’I opposing the biotech industry’s use of the island to test genetically engineered seeds. Biotech corporations including Monsanto and Mycogen are depleting Moloka’i’s topsoil and fresh water while contributing to dust storms that spread pesticides into the surrounding communities and ocean. ABUNDANT LAND also offers a historical look at the political underpinnings of chemical-intensive farming in Hawaii while portraying the rich legacy of traditional Hawaiian land management. The documentary follows a group of dedicated residents as they seek transparency about the testing being done on their island and use permaculture techniques to restore an integrated food system based on ancient Hawaiian farming practices.

Burkinabé Bounty: Agroecology in Burkina Faso
Directed by: Iara Lee (2018, 37 minutes)
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Burkinabè Bounty, a documentary from Cultures of Resistance Films, chronicles agricultural resistance and the fight for food sovereignty in Burkina Faso—a small, landlocked country in West Africa. Showcasing activist farmers, students, artists, and leaders in the local Slow Food movement, the film looks at how the Burkinabè people are reclaiming their land and defending their traditions against the encroachment of corporate agriculture. From women gaining economic independence by selling “dolo” beer, to youth marching in the streets against companies like Monsanto, to hip-hop musicians reviving the revolutionary spirit of Thomas Sankara, Burkinabè Bounty shows the creative tactics people are using to take back control of their food, seeds, and future.

Dance of Life
Directed by: Peyman Zandi (2019, 72 minutes)
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Dance of Life tells a story about different water sources in Iran and how much of Iranian cultural ceremonies surround water.  When water moves, it encounters a variety of events. It passes through various natural environments and diverse Iranian tribes. Humans, along with water, celebrate various ceremonies and rejoice in the presence of this blessing. And when the water as a traveler leaves them, they will have other rituals to return it again. Presented by: Trista Gormley Productions. 

Dealing With Disasters: The Silent Achievers in Public Health
Directed by: Elena Schak (2018, 51 minutes)
elena schak_dealing with disasters dealing with disasters
In 2010-2011 Queensland, Australia experienced its worst ever cyclones (hurricanes) and floods in an event known as the ‘Summer of Sorrow’. Dealing with Disasters looks at the people who worked behind-the-scenes, trying to keep people safe and healthy throughout the events: the people in public health.

Dirt Rich
Directed by: Marcelina Cravat (2018, 90 minutes)
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Through a beautiful exploration of geo-therapy strategies that can literally reverse the effects of runaway global warming, Dirt Rich inspires the viewer to discover that through the return of carbon to the soil, we solve two of the most challenging environmental issues of the day by re-stabilizing safe atmospheric carbon levels and revitalizing soils.

Dreaming of a Vetter World
Directed by: Bonnie Hawthorne (2018, 77 minutes)
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Journey to the American heartland in Bonnie Hawthorne’s intimate documentary about a visionary Nebraska farm family who understood that modern agriculture was ailing, and found a cure. From farmer’s son to soil scientist to missionary and back to farmer again, organic pioneer David Vetter has dedicated his life to a “ministry to the soil.” With camera and camper in tow, Hawthorne leaves her urban California comforts in the rearview mirror to learn from the Vetters about what’s really going on in the Corn Belt. As interest in regenerating soil explodes worldwide, Hawthorne discovers that David Vetter is way ahead of the game. With both historical context and an eye to the future, Dreaming of a Vetter World shows it’s possible to jump off conventional agriculture’s pesticide treadmill. It’s also a story about love, hope and place; an inspiring example of perseverance and doing what you know is right–against all odds.

How to Power a City: Astoria
Directed by: Melanie La Rosa (2018, 19 minutes)
Melanie J. La Rosa_how to power a city PowerCity_Outreach-IRFF
How To Power A City is an independent documentary showing stories from the front lines of the clean energy revolution. From zeitgeist clean energy projects and early solar adopters, to investors trying to bolster local economies with clean energy, to environmental justice communities fighting to keep the lights on, How To Power A City showcases the people leading the way to our clean energy future. Set in the urban sprawls of New York City, Atlantic City, Las Vegas, Detroit/Highland Park, and in communities throughout Puerto Rico (some living without power for months) How To Power A City is a behind-the-scenes exploration of everyday leadership and a look at how citizens are bringing clean energy into their communities.

I am Nature
Directed by: Elke Duerr (2018, 8 minutes)
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I am Nature. You are human nature, nature in human form, you humans are the outside of Earth, animated Earth. What befalls one of us, befalls us all. Now the time has come for reciprocity, for caring for me and yourselves, for giving and receiving, for healing All Life on this planet. 

It’s Good Business: Moving Beyond Conservation
Directed by: Simone Kisiel (2019, 12 minutes)
simone kisiel_it's good business it's good business
It’s Good Business: Moving Beyond Conservation is a short documentary that explores the antiquated idea that capitalism must be at odds with the health of the environment in order to profit. While we all want to protect our planet, current models of environmental conservation are failing. It’s clear that we desperately need a different approach to protecting nature. In 1990’s Mexico, many believed rampant deforestation was simply the cost of doing business. But one man saw an alternative, and launched what would become the most successful biodiversity program in history: CONABIO. This documentary analyzes what made CONABIO successful, where other conservation efforts have so dramatically failed.

Resilience at the Roots
Directed by: Jake Ratner (2017, 13 minutes)
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Resilience at the Roots is a short documentary that follows a community in El Salvador who, after fleeing government repression and spending a decade in exile, returned to their country to rebuild their lives in the coastal lowland areas surrounding the Bay of Jiquilisco. But their challenges were not over: in 1998 Hurricane Mitch hit, and other severe storms followed, washing away homes, destroying crops, and burying the community in rising waters. They recognized that these storms were linked to climate change and loss of protective mangrove forests, and began to organize.

Rush for Gold
brad marshland  morgan schmidt Feng  Rush for Gold
Rush For Gold touches on the history and impacts of the Gold Rush on the Sierra Nevada foothills and the people who called it home. The film tells the lesser known stories of the Gold Rush; the stories of the Nisenan, the Chinese, and the devastating impacts mining had on the landscape.

Secret Ingredients
Directed by: Jeffrey Smith & Amy Hart (2018, 70 minutes)
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While the debate rages on about the safety of GMOs and pesticides, Secret Ingredients shares poignant, first-hand stories of individuals and families that lost control of their health – until they went on a personal journey and discovered that eliminating these ‘secret ingredients’ was the key to regaining their health. In addition to heartfelt stories of dramatic recovery, the film offers clearly illustrated animations that convey what happens internally when we eat GMOs. Viewers say that they understand, often for the first time, why GMOs pose such a serious health risk.  As the people in the stories take charge of their food and totally transform their lives, viewers leave the theater feeling inspired, hopeful, and EMPOWERED.

Directed by: Ken Adams (2019, 12 minutes)
subverde1  subverde2

subVerde emerges unannounced  from beneath the Green, as a foundational gesture,

a call to dissent within psychedelic hearts, a call to greater depths and rejuvenated imagination. subVerde is an ecology of experience, seeking audience with your mind. Ken Adams is an experimental artist and otherkin. He is most noted for his several films created with psychedelic advocate & rogue intellectual, Terence McKenna. He is a lifelong friend and recurrent collaborator of avant musician Didier Cremieux. Adams is currently living among mountain hippie growers, alchemists, & ecstatic dancers in rural NorCal, North San Juan, the Ridge.

Sustainable Nation
Directed by: Micah Smith (2019, 60 minutes)
mican smith_sustainable nation sustainsble nation
Sustainable Nation follows three individuals who are doing their part to bring sustainable water solutions to an increasingly thirsty planet. Using solutions developed in water-poor Israel, they are working to change the status quo of a world where one in ten people lacks access to safe drinking water. But water is just the beginning. The work of this visionary trio highlights the nexus between food, energy and water and underscores how solving these enormous challenges can help free women, and the world, from life-threatening poverty, illness and lack of opportunity. From the creators of Netflix-featured Beneath the Helmet: From High School to the Home Front, and PBS-featured Israel Inside: How a Small Nation Makes a Big Difference, Sustainable Nation shows how fixing global water issues is not only a matter of life and death but the start of healing the world.

The Man of the Trees
Directed by: Andrea Trivero (2018, 19 minutes)
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The Man of the Trees, Daniel Balima, is a senior horticulturist from Tenkodogo, a small Sub-Saharan African town in Burkina Faso. As a child, Daniel fell ill with polio and although growing up without the use of his legs, he was able to follow his father in the family nursery, walking on his hands. He works immediately with great passion and talent so much that his disability, which for many in Africa means a marked destiny, is for Daniel an opportunity: “I could take two paths: begging or taking my life in hand and devoting myself to work with dignity .” In over fifty years of activity he has given life to more than a million trees. This is what is most important for Daniel because, as he tells us, his country needs many trees. Daniel does not stop. On the contrary, he dreams of planting another million.

The Sacred Place Where Life Begins
Directed by: Jeremy Lá Zelle & Kristin Gates (2019, 25 minutes)
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It’s best to experience what you’re fighting for. When two adventurers embark on a dangerous four-month expedition documenting the world’s longest land mammal migration through the Arctic Refuge of Alaska and Canada, they soon discover an incredible ecosystem protected by the Gwich’in Nation for more than 25,000 years, yet held on the precipice of collapse by resource development corporations. 

The Salmon Will Run
Directed by: Shadia Fayne Wood & Olivia Abtahi (2017, 16 minutes)
the salmon will run_Shadia Fayne Wood and Olivia Abtahi the salmon will run-poster
The Salmon Will Run follows the story of Chief Caleen Sisk of the Winnemem Wintu tribe and the journey to bring our salmon home. Though they are not a federally recognized tribe and are small in numbers, the Winnemem Wintu have made tremendous strides in achieving their mission. They have galvanized people across the country, made their way into federal agency meeting rooms, and have raised over $80,000. Our film brings our audience to the heart of the issue, helping them understand what is at stake, and why they need to be involved.

Treasures from the Tides
Directed by: Catherine Brookes (2018, 15 minutes)
35483771_1733844953363208_6134719831481516032_n 47094257_1988364377911263_8463764288387940352_o
In a remote fishing village on El Salvador’s pacific coast, a group of local women are breaking stereotypes and dedicating their lives to protecting endangered sea turtles. Treasures from the Tides follows this unconventional conservation team’s mission to end the illegal poaching of turtle eggs.