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September 14th-29th: Run4Salmon, Northern California. Winnemem Wintu Chief Caleen Sisk and a collective of Indigenous women, activists, and allies are organizing the Run 4 Salmon, a 300-mile trek that follows the historical journey of the salmon from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta to the Winnemem (McCloud River) to raise awareness about the policies threatening our waters, our fish, and indigenous lifeways. It’s a dire time in California for wild chinook salmon (Nur) – climate change, giant dam projects and draining rivers for Big Ag irrigation threaten the survival of the keystone keepers of our waters. Salmon bring essential nutrients to the waterways, forests, and lands. However, since the Shasta Dam was built 73 years ago, the salmon have been unable to return to their home waters in the Winnemem’s ancestral watershed. Now, the Winnemem Wintu Tribe is working on a plan to bring the genetic descendants of their salmon from New Zealand back to their home waters. run4salmonmap2019-1-571x1024

September 25th: Town Hall Meeting, 6:30-8:00pm, w/Kathryn Mallon of the Delta Conveyance & Construction. Jean Harvie Community Center, Walnut Grove.

October 18th-20th: Bioneers Conference, San Rafael, CA

Past Events

September: The State of the Climate

Soil Not Oil International Conference

National Heirloom Expo.

August:  Moth Night at Point Molate

Sustainable Forestry Tour

Town Talk/Mixer 

Pontoon Boat Tour on Lake Almanor 

Wildfire on the Watershed:  Outdoor Educational Tour 

Trees, Trout & Stout Evening Meet and Greet 

May: Bee Audacious Conference

May: March Against Monsanto

April: Butterfly Summit


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