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421 Nimrod St, Nevada City, CA 95959




Angelika Healing Music
Angelika is an internationally renowned composer and recording artist, originally from Germany. Her music is about bringing healing frequencies and the energies of the angelic realms through her inspiring compositions, soothing voice and instruments to lead us gently into a deeper state of peace, well being and connection with our own true nature. Angelika also designs custom soul portraits and soul movies as tools for healing and shifting the programs in our sub-conscious mind.



Billy Bensing
billy bensing
Billy began playing guitar at ten. His first paid gig was in France, as a teenager. Though he was born in the U.S., he did a bit of world traveling thanks to his adventurous mother, Noelle. Teaming up with singer/songwriter, Brian Lambert, he worked his trade for several years in the Los Angeles area. Taking the advice of his friend Christopher Taylor, he visited the Gold Country of Northern California. Ready to leave the big city anyway, Bensing instantly made plans to relocate to the beautiful foothills of Grass Valley. He has been there ever since, working full-time as a performer and guitar instructor.



Brotherly Mud
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Hailed as the ‘best up-and-coming Americana band in the Sacramento region’, the Sierra Nevada’s own Brotherly Mud is as if the 60’s and 70’s folk tradition continued into the modern day, taking influence from today’s songwriters while respecting yesterday’s honesty. With formally trained musicians from the Berklee College of Music and the Musician’s Institute, Brotherly Mud’s sound relies on both the human spirit and intellect to convey their message to those who listen.



Dove Mosis- Hip Hop Medicine


Helen Shi


Helen started to play the violin when she was 5 years old. Attracted by Guqin’s long vibration sound  and long history, Helen followed her teacher Alan Yip, who studies under several famed guqin virtuoso, including Lui Puiyuen and Wu Ziyin. Helen had learned Guqin for 4 years and performs in tea shops in Berkeley. 11:30am







Kaila Music

Kaila Weaver is a dynamic songstress based out of Nevada City, California. Each song is woven with heartfelt and animated storytelling, every performance is intimate and unique. She is known for her ability to soothe the soul and enchant the listener with melodic finger picking, rhythmically layered with compelling lyrics and deeply resonate vocal tones. Recently Kayla opened for artists such as Trevor Hall and Ayla Nereo and released singles on both Spotify and Itunes. She is currently booking shows and working on her up and coming Acoustic Raw EP. 



Mignon Geli
mignon geli
Mignon Geli was born in San Francisco, California, of Filipino, Spanish, Maya ancestry, and currently living in the California Sierra Foothills by Coloma, in Nisenan-Maidu country, for the past 17 years. Thirteen years ago, her son gifted her with a native wood flute. She is self-taught, plays by ear, and a couple years later added native drums to her repertoire. She can flute along in many genres of music from traditional native to contemporary native, to folk, rock, jazz, funk, soul, etc. She is a member of the Neena McNair Family Singers, a multi-cultural women’s native traditional Drum group.





World Beatnix 
FOR-SITE Foundation: Night Without Borders 
Original music dance band. Get ready to move and celebrate with a unique blend of musical styles– from Afro-beat to Egyptian to the Cajun Bayou. Have fun while dancing and appreciating the rhythms of the world. Instruments include percussion, drums, bass, guitar, keys, flute and saxophone. The highly dance-able, spiritual amalgamation materializes from a hypnotic symbiosis of percussive rhythms, bass vibrations and melodies carried on the winds of guitar, keys, sax, and flute.




Lotus Guide (12:00pm): There’s always the danger of looking at our reality and becoming so depressed that we become dysfunctional to deal with it or come up with solutions. Then there’s the other side of the coin where we can become so disconnected with the reality that we no longer see what needs to be done. But “What If” theres a way to put this into perspective and see that everything that’s going on is part of a “natural” transition. I’m not talking about some Pollyanna point of view, I’m talking about actually seeing the chaos in our world and at the same time seeing there is a pattern or template where nature has a preset conscious direction for all of us. This will be a short and to the point talk that will give all of us a new perspective.  Rahasya Poe, Publisher of The Lotus Guide Magazine & talk show at

Know Your Watershed (1:00pm): Join Dr. Elizabeth Dougherty for a journey into the Yuba River water hood. What is a water hood? Come and find out, as well as who lives there and how much you know about them. If you can download the app iNaturalist before you come, you’ll be fully prepared to meet your waterhood neighbors! After an initial discussion, this will be an active workshop that includes using the camera on your smartphone or fancy-pants camera. Plan for fun!

Conscious Preppers (2:00pm): 

Regenerating Groundwater (3:00pm): Keep the water that falls on your land in your land! Learn techniques to improve groundwater infiltration and storage helping to recharge wells and aquifers and increase soil water holding capacity reducing watering needs and helping plants and trees resist drought and fire. Stacy has over twenty years of cultivation experience, from commercial vegetable & flower nursery to large warehouse cannabis grows.  Enhancing her knowledge & expertise she has become a UC Master Gardener and a Certified Permaculture Designer.  Fueled by her passion for regenerative agriculture, helping, teaching, and continuous improvement Stacy started Fleurish Advisors, a permaculture consulting company that specializes in edible landscaping & cannabis cultivation.

Juice Up Your Soil (4:00pm) : This workshop will address how microbes help plants to absorb nutrient and retain water in the soil. Michael Collins grew over 210 different crops and also have created various fertility regimes that bridge them all and maintain health and abundant growth through non toxic methods. Experience with other crops also through worldwide agricultural work. Willingness to share a rich history problem solving farming organic for 29 years. 

Drum Circle (5:00pm) Rhythm is a universal language that connects us all… from the rhythm of our heartbeat to the rhythm of the seasons, everything is connected through rhythm. In this hands-on workshop, we will learn to communicate, collaborate, and develop a group dynamic while cultivating individual leadership skills.


Kevin headshot

Dr. Kevin Danaher is a Co-Founder of Global Exchange, FairTradeUSA, the Green Festivals, the Environmental Service Learning Initiative, and the Green Guardians. He has played a major role in Global Exchange’s 30-year record of merging social enterprise with human rights activism. His 1983 PhD in sociology from the University of California at Santa Cruz was based on his dissertation, The Political Economy of U.S. Policy Toward South Africa, which allowed him to synergize his academic work and his international activism in the anti-apartheid movement. He has travelled widely in Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, China, Europe and most U.S. states. He is the author or editor of 13 books on the global political-economy, including his two latest“The Green Festival Reader: Fresh Ideas from Agents of Change”; and “Building the Green Economy: Success Stories from the Grass Roots”. He has appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows, and he has spoken at colleges and community organizations in 47 states and many foreign countries. Described by The New York Times as the “Paul Revere of globalization’s woes,” Dr. Danaher’s analytical expertise, sense of humor and blunt eloquence make him an exceptionally dynamic speaker.

lou-casabiancaLou CasaBianca is a writer, producer, social impact entrepreneur, the Executive Director of ARC: the Alliance for Resilient Communities; and CEO of New Paradigm World — publishers’ of ARC™ + BiTØPIA™ + CareFørces™ + CRØ™ + Golden Road + Resilient Cities Network™ + STREAMTEAM™ eMagazines, video, websites, and live events. The primary focus is on the application of next-generation ai + avatars + blockchain + machine learning and XR transmedia publishing to global resilient social impact causes and regenerative climate change solutions.Editorial supports social impact entrepreneurs and developers with news and trends in the leading emerging technologies including augmented reality, cryptocurrency, deep learning, distributed apps. 1:45pm



Dr. Elizabeth Dougherty is committed to mitigating unsustainable demands on California’s watersheds, improving their health through engaged and directed education. She’s passionate to the nth degree about providing out-of-the-box approaches to falling in love with riparian zones. As a Ph.D. anthropologist, she believes that using art and science events as educational tools creates strong emotional connections between water users and their watershed, establishing sustained water-wise practices. Dougherty excels at bringing varied stakeholders together to forge and accomplish a common vision. As director of Wholly H2O, Elizabeth has administered and managed a similar nonprofit/artist partnership grant from the Creative Work Fund, developing the schedule, work plan and events in coordination with the artist, as well as distribution of 3/4 of the funds to the artist. As a sculptural and installation artist represented at, Dougherty frequently takes water as her primary 4.5 billion-year-old recycled material. 4:45pm

stacy-r.- Stacy Ruehl has over twenty years of cultivation experience, from commercial vegetable & flower nursery to large warehouse cannabis grows.  Enhancing her knowledge & expertise she has become a UC Master Gardener and a Certified Permaculture Designer.  Fueled by her passion for regenerative agriculture, helping, teaching, and continuous improvement Stacy started Fleurish Advisors, a permaculture consulting company that specializes in edible landscaping & cannabis cultivation. 2:45pm



toraTora Rocha is visionary with decades of experience organizing environmental-focused programs. She is the founder of Pollinator Posse, an organization “to create pollinator habitat throughout the Urban Jungle” through outreach and education about the plight of our local pollinators. The Posse is a nonprofit volunteer organization devoted to building a habit corridor for diverse pollinators and other beneficial insects from the shores of San Francisco Bay into the East Bay Hills. In addition, she has created Tees for Bees- a Pollinator Posse program in which kids can hit pollinator-friendly seed balls at golf courses, which help make the courses more habitable for beneficial insects.  Tora also is the founder of Autumn Lights Festival (ALF), a magical festival of illuminated art by acclaimed Bay Area artists, in support of the non-profit Friends of the Gardens at Lake Merritt. 1:00pm




Sing the Water Song
Directed by Nicole Betancourt (2019, 4 minutes)
IMG_0227 Screen+Shot+2018-01-05+at+12.48.57+PM
The Water Song Project engages women around the world to become keepers of the water in spirit and action. It starts with an Algonquin Water Song that expresses loving gratitude for the water and raises the consciousness and connection of women with Mother Nature’s greatest gift. The song is easy to learn, and our vision is that millions of women will sing it, raising their own connection and awareness of the water they interact with daily even in the shower or at the sink. We believe this is a powerful step to change, leading to both a spiritual as well as environmental shift on our planet.

Directed by: Ken Adams (2019, 12 minutes)
subverde1  subverde2

subVerde emerges unannounced  from beneath the Green, as a foundational gesture,

a call to dissent within psychedelic hearts, a call to greater depths and rejuvenated imagination. subVerde is an ecology of experience, seeking audience with your mind. Ken Adams is an experimental artist and otherkin. He is most noted for his several films created with psychedelic advocate & rogue intellectual, Terence McKenna. He is a lifelong friend and recurrent collaborator of avant musician Didier Cremieux. Adams is currently living among mountain hippie growers, alchemists, & ecstatic dancers in rural NorCal, North San Juan, the Ridge.

The Sacred Place Where Life Begins
Directed by: Jeremy Lá Zelle & Kristin Gates (2019, 25 minutes)
Headshot 1c23ff6cd2-headshot Poster 773166fae7-poster
It’s best to experience what you’re fighting for. When two adventurers embark on a dangerous four-month expedition documenting the world’s longest land mammal migration through the Arctic Refuge of Alaska and Canada, they soon discover an incredible ecosystem protected by the Gwich’in Nation for more than 25,000 years, yet held on the precipice of collapse by resource development corporations. 

The Salmon Will Run
Directed by: Shadia Fayne Wood & Olivia Abtahi (2017, 16 minutes)
the salmon will run_Shadia Fayne Wood and Olivia Abtahi the salmon will run-poster
The Salmon Will Run follows the story of Chief Caleen Sisk of the Winnemem Wintu tribe and the journey to bring our salmon home. Though they are not a federally recognized tribe and are small in numbers, the Winnemem Wintu have made tremendous strides in achieving their mission. They have galvanized people across the country, made their way into federal agency meeting rooms, and have raised over $80,000. Our film brings our audience to the heart of the issue, helping them understand what is at stake, and why they need to be involved.

WE ARE HERE: Bear River People vs. Centennial Dam
Directed by John Marlow (2018, 16 minutes)
The Nisenan people are the Native Americans who have called the Bear River home for countless generations. The atrocities and land grabs continue to this day. Nevada Irrigation District (NID) is now trying to take and desecrate their homeland and ancestral burial grounds underneath Centennial Dam. Should we flood Native American graves to sell drinking water?


Andy’s Hemp Products – Andy’s Products takes pride in providing quality CBD products and other non-CBD products to our customers. They also recognize the high prices other competing companies charge (extort) from customers. Therefore, they keep their prices well below the average prices charged by other companies. They are able to buy most of their products and materials in bulk and pass on much of the savings to their customers. They provide additional discounts to repeat customers, veterans and senior citizens.

Auburn Total Health – is a center for natural wellness and healing. It was carefully designed as a place for detox and healing for our community. Our primary services that we offer are colon hydrotherapy, far infrared sauna therapy, and massage therapy. We also offer many other services in our health center, and have strong relationships with other providers in the area for all aspects of health.

Bear Yuba Land Trust – Bear Yuba Land Trust is a private, nonprofit, membership-supported group promoting voluntary conservation of our natural, historical and agricultural resources in the Bear and Yuba watersheds of the Sierra Nevada foothills and mountains. We do this through permanent protection and enhancement of natural areas, farms and ranches, trails and parks to provide a lasting community heritage.

Buffalo Field Campaign – The primary goal of the Buffalo Field Campaign is to create permanent year-round protection for bison and the ecosystem they depend on—including respect for the migratory needs of this long-exploited and clearly endangered species.

Caravan Café – 

Conscious Preppers –

EverFlux Technologies – A world without waste. Everflux was inspired by the concept of Cradle to Cradle; the idea that all products and materials we use in modern society could have a never-ending life cycle. Imagine a world where, when something no longer serves it’s original purpose, instead of discarding it, we could transform it into something else useful.

Freedom Farms Learning Center – Will welcomes your contribution to manifesting and growing the Freedom Farms vision. He believes most nucleators for Freedom Farms Learning Centers will be alternative healthcare providers (body workers), home schoolers, animal welfare activists and animal communicators. Any feedback you provide will be greatly appreciated!! Without your caring involvement, it will not be.

Green Party/Extinction Rebellion – 

Golden Mandala – Golden Mandala is a sacred melting pot of Eastern and Western spiritual teachings, right in the heart of Nevada City. Built around the practice of physical yoga, we presently host 18 weekly offerings from 15 talented practitioners. We book 2-3 guest presenters per week who offer rich workshops and experiences for self growth and healing. We are so grateful to be in the center of the global web of conscious folks who have fallen in love with Nevada City and continue to bring the wisdom they have gathered from far and wide to our humble little temple.

Living Intent  Yurt Co. – Handcrafted yurts designed and built in the foothills of the Sierras. 

Lotus Guide – 

Natural Living School – Natural building is one of the oldest ways of building. The aim is to be as self sufficient as possible, in order to have a more balanced life, doing the things we love, living in harmony with nature, and feeding our spirits. Our lives feel healthier and happier using our bodies for actively building, growing, and co-creating.

NC Kombucharia – Their passion for crafting delicious beverages, paired with a desire for sustainability and caring for our community has resulted in the creation of an unparalleled kombucha! The pack each batch full of locally and organically sourced whole food flavors.

Pollinator Posse – The Pollinator Posse creates pollinator-friendly landscaping and fosters appreciation of local ecosystems through outreach and education.   With eco-friendly landscape techniques at the heart of our work, we teach respect for the creatures which keep Northern California blooming. We envision a day when life-enhancing, thought-inspiring green spaces will grace every corner of the Town.

Save the Bear River

Sierra Harvest – Sierra Harvest’s mission is to educate, inspire, and connect Nevada County families to fresh, local, seasonal food.

Sierra Streams Institute – Sierra Streams Institute is a watershed monitoring, research, and restoration group based in Nevada City, California, in the Sierra Nevada foothills. Our mission is to link water, science and people for the benefit of human and environmental health. Founded in 1995 as Friends of Deer Creek, SSI has grown to become an important voice in the regional scientific community—but we are still proud to call Deer Creek our home watershed.

Sustainable Energy Group –  Solar energy equipment supplier in Grass Valley, California

Practical Permaculture Research Institute – Permaculture is a design science for creating sustainable living systems. Through careful observation of healthy natural systems, we design patterns that create abundant systems of food, energy, water, shelter and community with minimum labor and pollution.

Wholly H2o – Wholly H2O catalyzes dynamic, informed connections between people and their watersheds that yield proactive and appropriate water management through conservation and reuse. Our watershed-positive educational programs engage Californians in community and citizen science, art, and green infrastructure education.



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