Instructions: Citizen Water Testing

We take 2 samples in 2 individual bottles for Glyphosate testing. We MUST NOT use the Glyphosate sample bottles they supply as each contains a very small amount of little grains of a preservative.

Do not rinse out each sample bottle. The preservative will be lost if you rinse out the sample bottles.

For non-chlorinated source water, completely fill each if 2 sample bottles so they are so full, that no air bubbles remain in each sample bottle.

Cap each full sample and turn upside-down to verify the sample has no air.  Add more sample water to one or both bottles until it has no air.

Fill out the chain of custody form to be shipped to basic labs with 2 Glyphosate samples from the same water source location and payment for the water testing.

Bring several witnesses to the sampling and have them sign a statement that they saw the samples from the time of sampling to shipment.

They observe that no one tampered with the samples.

Basic Laboratory is located in Redding, CA. They are certified to test for glyphosate.

Without witnesses, the results will be in question.

This data must stand up in court to do any good.

We want to test for Glyphosate the afternoon or next morning after Round is used.

In some cases they may suspend water flow in the waterway while they spray. In this case we want to sample when water is first flowing after the spraying.

They separate spraying and testing far apart to doctor the results.

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